Live Now!

We’re extremely proud to announce that Magic Eden has chosen to list the Metropass collection on their platform during the beta launch of Magic Ethen!

You can now buy/sweep Metropasses using ETH, SOL, and credit cards!

They will be adding listing features to the platform later on for collections in the beta. As of now, it’s aggregating listings from all other exchanges. Purchases in the above options are already enabled!

More info here: Magic Eden

Metropass Link:



How to Claim Your Tickets!

Loveless Las Vegas NFTs
The Loveless Las Vegas claim NFTs have just all been sent to those that held Metropasses at the time of the snapshot on 9/1/22. The Metropasses could have been staked or unstaked.

The next part of the registration is fairly simple.

  1. Go here:
  2. Connect with ANY wallet
  3. Enter your email
  4. Enter your first/last name
  5. Select ANY wallet under registration options. The wallets do not matter here and there is no mint happening.

The claim will be open until September 18, 2022 6:00 PM

Tickets will be sent to the email addresses provided following the closure of the registration period

Some reminders:

Event Date: October 10–13th, 2022

Event Location: The Wynn, Las Vegas

Event Website: